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Indian equities market is gaining relevance worldwide and we are also witnessing heightened activities in markets. In the current context of globalization and integration of globalization the trends in Indian Markets are linked with global counterparts like BRIC, The Americas and Singapore.

The Indian stock Markets hold place of prominence not only in India but also at the global level. BSE Being the oldest exchange of Asia and NSE being most sophisticated and advanced in terms of technology.

Indian markets have been performing and we have witnessed market picking up after opening up of economy in early nineties. After 2000 India is riding on a robust growth and a maturing economy and relaxed regulations has witnessed a strong investment by Institutions abroad in terms of investment through FII and FDI Route.

But it is visible from statistics that Indian population is not participating in this boom and clearly it is attributable to 4 reasons :

  1. The Greed
  2. The Fear
  3. The Hope
  4. The Regret

These reasons make traders lose money in markets and also shift day traders from other avenues of trading . These are the reason why we hear following from traders:

  • The market is a dangerous place to invest.
  • Big Traders controls the markets and it’s hard for the little guy
  • It’s hard to make money in the markets.
  • Market is a gamble

But we at Samrat Trades belive that market is best place to generate higher returns and day traders can win provided:

  1. You trade on Levels
  2. You have through fundamental and technical knowledge of markets
  3. You have correct and immediate information about market happenings
  4. You know your risk taking abilities
  5. You are not obsessed with winning the market
  6. You believe the market is safe place to invest

But we also know that you don’t have time and required knowledge to invest in day trading and thus make profits. So we at Samrat Trades act as a bridge between traders and market by providing you proper levels to trade, by advising proper stop loss so as to preserve your hard earned money invested in market, Provide you correct and immediate information about current market happenings and news. Make market a safe place for you to trade and Most importantly help you to overcome the four reasons mentioned above and make handsome returns in market.

Samrat Trades has a strong team of Technical and fundamental analyst having a vast experience in creating trading strategies, providing traders with technical levels, providing buy /sell signals , expertise in reading charts and applying those in predicting future market movement, analyzing fundamental factors which brings vast movement in market and protecting you from adverse market movements. And Most importantly they are masters of traders psychology so we protect you from Fear, Greed, Hope and regret.

Based on our extensive research in market we have developed Stock Cash tips product for the traders. In this particular service Samrat Trades offers stock cash tips to our customer with 90% accuracy which drives them in generating great returns. Stock Cash calls are given for NSE Cash traders. You can also take advantage of 2 days stock tips free trial to evaluate our accuracy and reliability. You can sign up with us right after satisfaction. We provide calls after effectively analyzing market trends and a well developed SMS system that offers the actual calls for your requirements.

We also provide stock cash Premium, Platinum, Rhodium and Positional service packs for mostly those types of traders who want to earn maximum profit and very curious for exploring new opportunities in a day. These stock cash service packs which bring up complimented in stock cash segment will help them to generate returns.